If you've tried other natural deodorants and had redness, or irritation, or even ineffectiveness, we urge you to give ours a try!

Did you know the latest statistics indicate that one in two women will acquire cancer in their lifetime, and one in three men? Eliminating aluminum, phthalates, parabens and other chemicals may help to reduce your risk.  

This Zero baking soda means zero irritation! Powdered Magnesium and Organic Potato Starch offers the powerful combination to combat moisture and odor. It's our belief you can achieve subtle, beautifully fragranced deodorants that work to combat moisture and odor without compromise! The ingredient combination in our deodorants will offer dry underarms, naturally fragrant benefits without the ineffectiveness and/or irritation many natural deodorants cause. 

The large majority of individuals using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants would have a difficult time considering the switch to a natural deodorant for many reasons. The largest being a common misconception that it's not as effective. Research regarding the use of aluminum and other ingredients in artificial fragrances and chemicals in conventional deodorants/antiperspirants have led many to search for safer, healthier alternatives. 

The unique, active ingredients in our natural, baking soda free deodorant will effectively help to combat moisture and odor for the vast majority of individuals.