Moroccan Me Moist Treatment Cream

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Key benefits:

  • Skin plumping from Cinnamon Bark
  • Increased radiance and hydration
  • Deep skin huydration
  • Improved skin barrier
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Mild exfoliation
  • Skin brightening
  • Even skin tone
  • Wrinkle reduction

Skin suitability:

  • Mature skin
  • Dry and severely dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Rosacea
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin (avoiding oilier areas)  

Product details:

  • Cruelty free
  • Gluten free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Chemical + toxin free
  • Free from animal bi-products
  • Size 2 oz

Good-bye dull, dry skin, and hello moist! Moroccan Me Moist is a treatment cream with powerful anti-aging elements for dry, extremely dry, and aging skin. Ideal for a variety of skin issues, including aging, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral qualities of the ingredients, omega fatty acids, and vitamins provide a plethora of nutrients to soothe, hydrate, stimulate the skin and encourage cellular activity improving skin function and texture. 

Cinnamon Bark Extract assists in reducing dead skin cells and helps restore shine and suppleness to the skin. Cinnamon also improves blood flow and encourages oxygenation of the blood to the outer surface of the skin. As a result, there is minor plumping and stimulation on a deep cellular level to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. *You may experience an increase in redness and a stinging sensation shortly after application which will subside in less than 30 minutes, especially after a hot shower or a workout. This is normal, but not always experienced by every user.

Tonka Bean Butter is 94-96% fatty acids, the delightful almond/hay-like aroma of this aromatic material is perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Oleic acid is the predominant fatty acid present in Tonka Bean Butter (nearly 50%) and provides the full spectrum of Omega fatty acids. Oleic acid is profoundly hydrating and conducive to cell regeneration.

Lemon Balm Extract further assists in reducing irritation and helps make this facial cream an excellent choice for highly sensitive skin types. Moroccan Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, while Jojoba Oil most closely mimics the skin's natural oils. As a bonus, you'll find Wild-harvested and Organic Kokum Butter, also known for its healing capabilities. If your goal is to effectively hydrate your skin, reduce signs of dehydration and aging, while properly nourishing your skin with vital antioxidants and nutrients, then you've found a good one!

You'll enjoy the same plant-based ingredients you've come to love in our luxurious, non-greasy body creams. ECOCERT certified ingredients, organic extracts, and the purest essential oils and absolutes. To protect the integrity of the ingredients, this serum is packaged your products in light protecting, recyclable amber glass.

Conscientiously crafted, handmade skincare in small batches using 100% pure botanical ingredients. We value conserving our natural resources, and your product has ingredients obtained sustainably.

Use: Cleanse your skin with a skin type appropriate cleanser, apply toner and serum, followed by Moroccan Me Moist Face Cream. This product does not contain a sunscreen and is for external use only.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera Juice,* Glyceryl Stearate, *Cetearyl Alcohol, *Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Wild-harvested and Organic Kokum Butter, Wild-harvested Cupuacu Butter, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides, Squalane (Olive), Avocado Fruit Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester), Moroccan Argan Nut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Jojoba Oil,*Gluconolactone and *Sodium Benzoate, Candellia Wax, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Tonka Bean Essential Oil. **ECOCERT Certified Ingredients



  • 5
    Moroccan Cream

    Posted by Traci on May 6th 2023

    My face feels so alive and hydrated after I use this! At first I was afraid of the tingling sensation after I applied it. Then I contacted the owner and she told me it was a good thing and it would go away within a few minutes. So happy with this face cream as I am normally very dry. I wish I could eat it. The smell is amazing!

  • 5
    Moroccan Face Cream

    Posted by Jen H on Oct 30th 2022

    OMG if only I could eat this! This mix of cinnamon and vanilla in a very hydrating cream is to die for! At first, I was a little concerned about the tingliness after I applied the cream, but it didn't last long. My skin feels totally revived! It's a must have!

  • 5
    moroccan me moist

    Posted by Kimberley Sasso on Nov 13th 2020

    I really like this for all day leaves my skin so soft

  • 5
    My go to lotion

    Posted by Suzie on Aug 26th 2019

    I can not live without this lotion! I live in the desert and my skin has been dry for years. I have tried every lotion out there and after one week using this lotion, my skin improved 100%. I will never go back to another lotion

  • 5
    Changed my skin

    Posted by Suzieq on Jun 18th 2019

    I love this moisturizer! I have tried so many products on the market and this is the first that has actually hydrated my dry skin and changed the texture. I won't use anything else!

  • 5

    Posted by Brianna Neal on Apr 26th 2019

    I love this facial cream. It smells delicious, is super thick, and lasts! It wears under my face powder well and keep my skin looking fresh even in our AZ sun.

  • 5

    Posted by Marty on Jul 19th 2018

    Love this moisturizer! Its so extremely thick so you only need a little, but it goes a long way!!! The cinnamon in it makes my face feel refreshed and really clean as well!

  • 5

    Posted by Meghan on Jan 9th 2018

    I purchased this for my husband and it has made such a difference in only two days! He had very dry skin and now it’s not dry at all and looks very healthy. I would definitely recommend this!

  • 5
    Moroccan me moist

    Posted by Andrea on Oct 13th 2016

    Great facial cream! I feel it working the minute I apply! Thanks Kimberly!