It’s Getting Hot Outside!

Posted by Kimberly Peterson on Jun 29th 2017

It’s Getting Hot Outside!

All over the US we’re experiencing record high temperatures. While the sunny days are great for all-day outdoor activities or an overnight jaunt to the beach, they’re not so pleasant for your shipped natural products. Until they arrive, you’ll want to think about preservation during the shipping process.

Shipping Options To Beat The Summer Heat

The first rule of thumb when shipping in the summer is to figure out the best way to get your products to you. The added option of cold packs and insulated shipping is now available under shipping options. This option can be added to your cart the same way you would add a product. This may sound like an unnecessary expense, but it may end up saving you in the long run. While your shipped products will remain usable if you decide not to add this option, the consistency could be affected leaving you frustrated.

Once you know how your products will arrive, do some extra prep to make sure they land at your door in good order. You’ll want to remove your product from the front door step or any outdoor environment as soon as possible. If you are going to be out of town, your local delivery service may be able to delay shipment or arrange an alternative pickup upon your request to the carrier.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at (949) 264-3938 or We are happy to help with this or any other questions you have about your Bare Naked Botanicals' products.